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Cierra has been employed with Assurance Realty since 2015 and handles all administrative aspects of the Real Estate Office including leasing, customer service, accounts receivable and management of the front desk. She enjoys watching movies and spending time with her family especially her to two little ones, Easton & Coraline.

I am a Kentucky native growing up in Somerset Kentucky area where I worked at my first job in property management while attending community college.  I moved to Lexington in 1987 where I continued working in property management. I have worked for several large and small companies through the years with experience as a Leasing consultant, manager, and administrative assistant in a property management office, Assistant Property Supervisor, and Regional Property Supervisor, licensed Realtor and then Broker.  In January 2013, After being the President & CFO of Premier Rentals & Property Management for 7 years, I started my own company, Assurance Realty & Property Management. 

My Property Management experience for most of my career consisted of the management of aging multi-family properties requiring renovation.  Once renovations were complete, the profile of the property was changed, and occupancy and collections were improved, I began preparing and staging the property for sale.   My experience brings a great network of subcontractors, maintenance, and management personnel.  In addition, my knowledge of the Lexington market and Landlord-Tenant Law help to maximize the value of the asset. This experience makes me a great fit for selling or fee management of real estate investment or a home-owners association.

Graduated 4th with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Alice Lloyd College in 1997. Her course work focus was Accounting, Management, & Marketing. Freida has over twenty years of work experience in various business fields and is married to her High School & College Sweetheart, Jason Fleming.